Xiamen Shuiyibao Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Flat 6MW Meter Module

Introduction to 15-30mw static sterilization / bacteriostasis module
Static water killing / bacteriostatic module
This module is specially designed for static water killing 

bacteriostatic treatment. Tested by a national authoritative third party

SYB-UVC Basic module-D10-24V1313


D10 is the basic unit of UVC module
It can be expanded into multiple modules and applied to various industries
The module contains no mercury
The module can work in high humidity environment
High performance UVC chip, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate and metal shell
Protection grade ipx6


SYB-UVC-SH Sterilizing Kettle

This product is mainly used in customers' long-time marching, field operation,

mountaineering and camping During outdoor expansion and other activities,

the outdoor water source can be treated with pure physical sterilization within 5 minutes,
The sterilization rate is more than 99.9%, equipped with special filter element,
It can filter out impurities and peculiar smell in water.


SYB-WD2-Box Wall Mounted Dynamic Water Sterilization Box

Water flow start UV sterilization
UV performance life monitoring
Size: L200 * w146 * h52mm
Rated voltage: 12-24V


SYB-WD2 Second Generation Dynamic Water Sterilization Module

The product is compatible with multiple flows of 0.8-3l
The sterilization rate is more than 99.9%, and the service life of sterilization module is more than 2000 hours
Water cooling and heat dissipation design to ensure the service life of lamp beads
The initial light intensity margin is designed to ensure the UV sterilization intensity
PTFE coated patent design


SYB-Uvclb-01 Sterilization Lamp Strip

This product is mainly used for air conditioning, fresh air
Among household appliances and equipment products such as purifiers,
Sterilize the surface of the ventilation channel and part of the flowing air,
Reduce the risk of customer infection and disease and purify the air.


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Xiamen shuiyibao huanbao Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015,It is a technological innovation company focusing on the design, development, application and sales of products in the fields of water purification, air purification and environmental protection,Mr. Cui Lai, the founder, has led the R & D team in the field of water treatment and air purification for more than 15 years, and has applied for more than 30 R & D and utility model patents。 In 2017, we reached a strategic cooperation agreement with San'an optoelectronics, focusing on the application of step power LED ultraviolet germicidal lamp in various product fields。Our mission is to become an excellent deep UV LED sterilization module and product solution provider, in the field of water purification, air purification and environmental protection, to meet customer research and development, application and market demand。

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